Expanding Quality Behavioral Health Services

For decades, PAM Health has offered hope and helped patients achieve an optimal quality of life through patient-focused, high-quality care. As the behavioral health division of PAM Health, PAM Voyages Behavioral Health is expanding behavioral health service lines across the nation and increasing access to quality mental health services.

Providing behavioral health treatment is complex and requires expertise that differs from a traditional hospital’s core competencies. PAM Voyages Behavioral Health partners with hospital systems nationwide to provide access to desperately needed care. Through contract management and joint-venture partnerships, PAM Voyages Behavioral Health offers a level of expertise improving clinical and quality outcomes.

Healthcare providers shoulder the responsibility of caring for a community and providing access to a wide variety of medical services, all while managing barriers such as access to care, limited staffing resources and ever-increasing needs. PAM Voyages was created to support this shift in healthcare demands by increasing access to care and serving challenging patients with improved outcomes.

A strategic partnership with PAM Voyages can alleviate the growing demand for these specialty services while integrating with your culture and values.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing boarding times and extended inpatient stays for complicated psychiatric patients.
  • Providing operational and clinical expertise for psychiatric services.
  • Diversification of your hospital system’s portfolio of inpatient, outpatient and other specialty services
  • Unique financing options and fiscal agility to create, expand or upgrade psychiatric services

The average monetary cost to an ED to board a psychiatric patient has been estimated at $2,264.4 On the whole for the ED system, boarding results in increased rates of patients who leave without being seen, longer inpatient stays for those admitted, as well as lost hospital revenue and consumption of ED resources.